Jason DeGray

Jason holds an M.Ed. in English and Psychology. He has been writing, editing, and teaching literature for most of his life (adolescent life included. Yes, there are still stories around he wrote in High School. Though they’ll never see the light of day). He has a deep passion for art and the creative process and is dedicated to seeing Universal Butterfly become a beacon to a new Renaissance.

Carl Knauf

Carl Knauf holds a BA in English and an MA in Journalism & Creative Media. For over 20 years, he has produced content in a variety of fields for multiple publications. As a journalist, he is dedicated to providing audiences with non-biased, accurate reporting, and thoroughly enjoys researching a topic—perhaps delving too far at times.

His commitment to his craft also translates to fiction. At heart, he’s a writer, and he has published works of nonfiction, genre and literary fiction, short stories, and screenplays. He has also served as a ghost writer for books, screenplays, and graphic novels. UB earned the rights to his acclaimed Jack Swift books, and published the second installment in the series, Cursed. His Paddy Costello hardboiled crime shorts are part of UB’s Southwest Noir collection, and he’s the co-creator of UB’s collaborative horror universe, The Village of Wicked Creek.

At UB, Carl specializes in nonfiction, humor, crime, and literary fiction. He’s an avid athlete and sports fan, and also a musician. He composes and listens to a variety of genres, and incorporates music references into many of his books—obvious or subtle.

Through all the rejection and criticism, as well as the good times, he has become an expert in the publishing industry. During graduate school, his focus was primarily on literary journalism and storytelling techniques, but he devoted his academic research to the publishing industry and incentivized reviews. He believes everyone has a voice that should be heard; it doesn’t matter the author or the topic or the trends. If it’s quality, no matter the level, it should be published. He’s dedicated to giving artists opportunity to share their creation with the world—however big or small that world actually is.